• Spring, Sports, and Safety

  • Sun Valley Dentist, Oral Health, MouthguardsThe downfall to spring to most of our Sun Valley dentist patients is the end to the ski season. On the other hand, spring gives rise to a new set of activities. Mountain biking, cycling, skating, and a whole wealth of other outdoor activities keep us active and give us something in which to look forward.
    This year as you get ready for your outdoor sports or spring outdoor activities, make sure you are prepared. One way to be prepared is to make sure you have your safety equipment.


    Play it safe

    Every spring sport has a unique set of equipment designed for the utmost safety of their players. Soccer has cleats and shin guards; baseball has cleats, helmets, and facemasks. Players wear their safety equipment to stay safe and to protect their body from excessive injuries. Yet, very few sports incorporate a mouthguard into their required uniform. In fact, only football, boxing, lacrosse, field hockey, and ice hockey require the use of a mouthguard. The American Dental Association would like to expand that list to include:

    Inline Skating
    Shot Putting
    Martial Arts

    This list certainly doesn’t cover every sport, but our Sun Valley dentist thinks it should. A mouthguard protects your teeth from injury during any sport. It also acts as a cushion between your upper and lower jaw. This cushion keeps your joints from impact damage and has been proven to reduce concussions among contact sports participants.


    Mouthguard Types

    Mouthguards are made typically in one of three ways. There is a standard stock version that is constructed in simplicity. It protects your mouth and teeth, but does not form-fit to your mouth. The next style is molded to your teeth by first boiling the mouthguard material and then biting down on the form. This boil and bit mouthguard is great for children participating in sports. Often their teeth change, so it is an inexpensive way to keep children protected.
    The best mouthguard is one designed by your dentist. Our Sun Valley dentist can custom fit a mouthguard for your needs. If you have an upcoming dental exam scheduled, or wish to learn more about our mouthguard options, give us a call. We can discuss with you our options and point you in the right direction for the best mouth protection.

    The reason most dentists are so adamant about wearing mouthguards is because we’ve seen the damage done from a lack of wearing one. For a few dollars, a mouthguard can save you on expensive restorative dental procedures. You never know when you’re going to fly over the handlebars, or collide with a teammate on the field. Play it safe and make sure you wear a mouthguard both at practice and on game day.

    For more topics on oral care, visit our Facebook page. Best of luck to you this season!